At West Coast Wonders we strive to make our trips different from the rest and, if possible, prefer to go places that few other people visit. We like to show people the BC that we know, one of the last great wilderness regions on earth. This is not mass tourism in the Rockies, these are the Coast Mountains and they can be remote and wild.

If your desire is to experience true Canadian wilderness while seeing few other people then, in order, you should choose: the South Chilcotin Traverse or Scrambling in the Dickson Range; Ape Lake; the Stein Alpine Circuit; the Nootka Island Trail then the West Coast Trail.

To give you an idea of numbers the West Coast Trail sees about 6000 visitors a season, Nootka, in contrast, sees about a tenth of that, somewhere north of 600 trail users. Our mountain trips are completely different. There are probably fewer than 60 visitors per summer to the area of the Chilcotins where the South Chilcotin Traverse and Dickson Range scrambling take place. That’s less than 60 to the whole area, not necessarily to where we will go. On both those trips you will probably not see another group. In the Stein or at Ape Lake you might come across one or two other groups but that’s all that we would expect on a typical trip.

In terms of difficulty