High Falls Creek (Monday & Thursday afternoon, $59.00)

5-6 hrs, moderate to strenuous and requires agility - good hike for bad weather days as well as sunny

Similar in some ways to the Echo Lake hike this is a shorter version which doesn't require us to cross the river. A lovely scenic drive alongside the river and past a number of distant but impressive waterfalls takes us to the trailhead. Like Echo lake the trail is steep in parts (there are a couple of sections where you need to pull yourself up using a chain or rope) and follows a waterfall into a section of rainforest. At the top we turn on to a logging round and enjoy some wonderful views of the wilderness in the upper Squamish Valley as we return to our vehicle. 

Pick Up From: Howe Sound Inn - 2:00pm; Squamish Adventure Inn - 2:10pm; Squamish Adventure Centre - 2:20pm; Squamish Executive Suites - 2:30pm