Duration: 5-6 hours

Level: Difficult to Strenuous

Min Group Size: 2

Max Group Size: 8

2018 Dates: May 1st - June 30th

Price: Adults $149, Youth (<16) $119

Private trip (1-6 people) $499

Departs from:

Howe Sound Inn (downtown) 8:00am

Squamish Adventure Centre 8:10am

Squamish Executive Suites (Garibaldi Highlands) 8:20am

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What To Bring

  • Food and drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • Appropriate clothing (incl. sun hat) and footwear (suitable for hiking)

Monmouth Creek Waterfalls & Rainforest

Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between May 12th and June 30th

Adults $149.00, Youth (under 16) $119.00, Private trip (1-8 people) $499.00

5-6 hrs, strenuous but relatively short and requires agility - best in good weather but fine in bad weather too.

This is a shorter version of the Squamish classic Echo Lake trail. Because of the lake being snowed in until July we concentrate here upon We transport you by small boat to the far side of the Squamish River where the trail takes us steeply upwards right next to a series of super scenic waterfalls, pools and canyons as Monmouth Creek drops steeply towards the Squamish River. At one point there is a natural granite arch to see before the trail mellows as it reaches one of the most beautiful sections of rainforest in the area. Here the creek slows to a more gentle tumble as it winds its way through a forest of ancient cedars and large Douglas firs. This is a real must do Squamish adventure, suitable for those in reasonable shape and with reasonable levels of dexterity.

Pick Up From: Howe Sound Inn (downtown Squamish) - 8:00am; Squamish Adventure Centre - 8:10am; Squamish Executive Suites (Garibaldi Highlands) - 8:20am

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