Friends & Partners

Green Tourism Canada is the first overseas arm of the original Green Tourism programme that began in the UK in 1997. The Green Tourism programme assesses companies based on a number of relevant criteria and certifies them as gold silver or bronze standard. When you see the logo you know you are booking with a firm that cares about the environment.

In 2015 we began a business partnership with Whistler Eco Tours one of the longest running, most established and, we believe, the best provider of nature day trips in Whistler. WET offer the only a lake to lake canoe or kayak trip down the River of Golden Dreams, having a pullout at Edgewater Lodge on Green Lake. This is a must do trip when in Whistler during the summer. Additionally they also run hiking, biking and natural history tours and provide excellent corporate packages for companies looking for something a little different. Give them a try when on vacation in Whistler.


The Ancient Forest Alliance is an environmental pressure group based in Victoria that focuses on preservation of the remaining remnants of BC's old growth rainforest. All donations are gratefully accepted.  They are responsible for discovering and protecting Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew. We have donated money to help build the Avatar Grove boardwalk.


Canada's only professional mountain guide association is the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. The ACMG are internationally recognised as members of the IFMGA and as such are subject to the highest standards.

Air Nootka are the 'go to' people for accessing many of the remote coastal hikes off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Their Beaver and Cessna planes will take you to and from Nootka Island, the Hesquiat Peninsula or any other obscure and remote place you might wish to access. Safe, friendly and reliable, there is no one better to trust your trip to.

British Columbia's Wilderness Tourism Association represents BC's eco and wilderness tourism businesses and works to improve communications between tourism operators, governments and other industry sectors with respect to wilderness conservation and access to wilderness tourism opportunities.


Mountain Equipment Coop is Canada's premier outdoor shop. It is a true co-operative, starting in Vancouver in the 1970s. If you arrive in Vancouver or Victoria and don't have all the gear you need for one of our tours this is the place to go as they stock everything you could possibly need. 


1% For The Planet is an organisation that encourages businesses to give back to the environment. Donations of 1% of sales are given to environmental non-profits to help protect the environment. We are members with our donations going to the Wilderness Committee and the Ancient Forest Alliance.

One of the world's leading outdoor brands since their inception in 1968 the North Face have become an iconic brand. We trust their gear and use their tents and sleeping bags for all of our tours.


Hello BC is the official website of British Columbia's tourism and travel board. See our ad in the 'Things To Do' section under 'outdoor activities'.

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The Wilderness Committee have been committed to protecting Canadian wilderness since 1980 and were instrumental in helping create a number of parks throughout Canada including some that we have used for our trips such as Carmanah Walbran and the Stein Valley. They are still the most important environmental protection group in Canada and as such we are members and make donations to them.