Environmental Policy

West Coast Wonders strives to improve its environmental performance on a continuous basis and will hold an environmental review each fall to see how we can implement better practice. In the fall of 2015 we were audited by Green Tourism Canada and awarded a Green Tourism silver award.

Policies and Practices

  • LEAVE-NO-TRACE - In the backcountry we employ leave-no-trace practices as standard.

  • STAFF - Staff are employed based partly on their commitment to leave-no-trace principles. Spring training ensures that all staff follow the same or similar practices and are aware of, appreciate and are committed to our environmental policies.

  • CONSERVATION - We are members of and make donations to both the Ancient Forest Alliance and the Wilderness Committee. In addition, as of January 1st 2016, we will be members of the 1% For The Planet initiative.

  • TRANSPORT - We transport our clients to the trailheads of our trips wherever possible thus cutting down on the amount of transport required.

  • LOCAL COMMITTMENT - Wherever possible we partner with other small local companies to provide services that we cannot provide ourselves such as flights and guiding in areas where we have no expertise or local knowledge.

  • OFFICE - West Coast Wonders uses no paper communication whatsoever and is 100% email and web based in both communication and promotion.

Responsible Visitor Charter

When you are visiting us here on the West Coast you can make some decisions that will help to keep this place as beautiful and pristine as it already is:

  • Transport - when coming to Whistler or Squamish use public transport (see our FAQs for details). When in Vancouver or Victoria use the excellent public transit systems and when going to and from YVR use the Canada Line. Using a bicycle is also a great way to get around, particularly in Whistler where renting is easy.

  • Eating - Eat good, honest, local food. Many restaurants in Whistler source their products from the excellent Pemberton Valley and subscribe to the 100 mile diet (major ingredients sourced from within a 100 mile radius). Ask us for recommendations and details.

  • Garbage and Recycling - Keep our land as clean as it was when you came. Please use available garbage cans and recycle whenever you can. In addition we live in an area with a great deal of wildlife so let's keep it wild by using bear proof garbage cans when they are provided.

  • Utilise the Outdoors - You are in one of the world's best outdoor playground so use it - go canoeing, hiking, biking and so on and use a local service provider such as Whistler Eco Tours.

  • Water - We live in a very wet climate but we have long dry summers when water can be scarce so let's conserve it. Please turn off taps when brushing your teeth and don't waste it in general

  • Support Green Tourism Businesses - While you are here make sure to support the greenest businesses, this is how you find them: http://www.greentourismcanada.ca/green-network 

  • Wildlife - Please practice responsible wildlife viewing, whether with a certified green tourism business or independently.

  • First Nations' Culture - When in Whistler visit the Squamish Lillooet Cultural Centre, one of Whistler's premier attractions, and when in Vancouver make sure to put aside time the stunning Museum of Anthropology.