Things to do in Vancouver in the summer

Since we know that most of you will be staying a few days in Vancouver before you start your trip with us we thought we’d make a few suggestions about what there is to do in Vancouver in the summer. It’s not meant to be a definitive ‘best of’ list, more a list of things we like to do and that we think you might enjoy.

1.       Hire a bike and ride around. Bikes rentals are easy to come by and it’s a great way to get around. There are a couple of rental locations on Dunsmuir near Stanley Park. Speaking of which…

2.       The Stanley Park seawall (10km) is obviously one of the places you’ll want to ride around but don’t just ride around the seawall. This is one of the world’s great urban parks so you might want to take a beach towel and make a day of it at Second or Third beaches or you might want to wander some of the tree lined trails that cut through the park.

3.       Granville Island. The idea of a redeveloped industrial area being turned into a public market may not be that unique and Granville Island may not be the best of them but it’s still a great place to go and while away a few hours. There is plenty of good food on display and an equally large amount of arts, crafts and objet d’art. Somewhere to spend a half day or more.

4.       Horseshoe Bay. We like to go out to Horseshoe Bay to enjoy the views and the fish and chips. Grab a take away from C-Lovers and eat them in the park by the marina. You can watch the ferries come in from Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island which leads us nicely on to…

5.       Take a ferry to Bowen Island. A quick 20 min ride from Horseshoe Bay out into Howe Sound (spectacular views) takes you to Snug Cove. It’s as beautiful and quaint as its name suggests. You can while away a few hours just eating a drinking at one of the pubs and restaurants or maybe take a picnic with you and enjoy it in Crippen Park. For the more active you can walk to Killarney Lake on some lovely trails or hike out to a viewpoint of Vancouver where there are some excellent examples of the paper-barked arbutus tree.

6.       If you happen to be here on the right dates and you can cope with the crowds you really shouldn’t miss the annual Celebration of Light: