Waterproof and Breathable

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about the problem of waterproof/breathable clothing. As someone who sweats. A lot. I've always had issues with finding the appropriate layers and getting them working in a way I would like. A major rethink of my entire kit may be in order.

What we have for waterproof clothing today is incomparably better than what we had thirty or forty years ago but that doesn't mean that things can't be improved still further or even, heresy though it might be to say so, abandoned.

Today I found two good articles that explain the problem fairly well. The first explains a little about the dominance of Gore-Tex in the waterproof/breathable market but also helps understand the science behind the terminologies used:


The second article is a personal opinion piece from Andy Kirkpatrick who questions the entire need for waterproof outerwear. This is the direction I have been moving in for some time now and I thought this piece explains it fairly well. Not a good use of paragraphs but good content: