The Niagara Comparison

How many times have you seen a waterfall described as 'x' times higher than Niagara as if this is some kind of incredible statement? We've seen it plenty. In fact Chris came back from Wells Grey Provincial Park this week with yet another example of this happening. "Helmcken Fall is three times the height of Niagara". And this in an official parks leaflet.

"What's the problem?" you might ask. The thing is Niagara isn't a very high waterfall. That's not what it's about. Height isn't one of the superlatives you'd give it. So claiming bragging rights because another falls is taller is really not much of a boast. It's height is only a paltry 50m (165') which wouldn't actually come anywhere near the top ten highest waterfalls here in the Squamish Valley let alone the rest of BC. 

However it is a massive waterfall. In fact it has the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. Now that's impressive. If you've ever seen it I'm sure you'll agree. Niagara is amazing, it's stupendous, it's incredible. I defy anyone to stand at it's brim and not be awed by the sight of that enormous volume of water gracefully arcing over the edge and into the air.

But please, don't boast how much higher than Niagara your own local waterfall is, you're missing the point. Beating Niagara in height is nothing to be proud of. Compare like with like and make a fair comparison.