We Love Waterfalls

So we have a bit of a ‘thing’ about waterfalls. We’re not sure why but it’s probably just the sheer beauty and variety of them. We love them in all their guises from vertical plunges to horsetails, cascades and cataracts. 

This post is going to be our homepage for waterfalls. Watch out for updates and additions here when we come across a new one or take a particularly good or interesting new photograph. Unless of course it’s a very special one that deserves it’s own post.

In case you didn’t know about it there’s a great website called the World Waterfall Database (WWD) which is pretty comprehensive and the best site we know of for info on waterfalls. Another good one that doesn’t, unfortunately, cover BC is the Northwest Waterfall Survey but there is a very good guidebook, Waterfalls of British Columbia, that covers the 100 best waterfalls in BC. Tony Greenfield, the author, also runs his own waterfall tours each fall -Whiskeyjack Tours.

An interesting question in BC is which is our tallest waterfall? The record books show it as Della Falls on Vancouver Island at 1440’ (440m). There has been some dispute over this and there still is. For a while James Bruce Falls and Deserted River Falls were touted as higher but WWD has dismissed both of these as either not significant enough in flow (the argument being there must be some volume of water that registers a falls as worthy enough of the name) or simply not steep enough to be considered true waterfalls.

However, WWD does recognise the possibility of Francis Falls in Bute Inlet as a possible contender that may be 1700’ (518m) high. Now for outsiders it might seem strange that we don’t know how tall this waterfall is but when you’ve lived here for a while you get an idea of just how large a province this is and just how remote many places still are. Most of the wilder parts of the province have only ever been seen by bush pilots, loggers and the occasional (very) hardcore hiker/climber. Access to somewhere like Francis Falls would take most people days (own your own floatplane and it might be another story of course). And most people are just not interested enough in waterfalls to bother.

We’d like to think that we are in the small minority that are interested enough. Hence our 5 day trip to Phantom Falls and Lake. Rest assured if we do get to Francis Falls it will be posted here.

An easier to reach waterfall with a claim to being the tallest in BC is Gold Creek Falls near Harrison Lake which the WWD has pegged at approximately 2000’ (610m).(‘Easier to reach’ is a relative term here of course since I know of no photographs that exist of the falls which strongly suggests the degree of difficulty in reaching them). In fact Gold Creek Falls isn’t even the official name for them because.. well.. they don’t have one. Harrison Lake though is not too far from our base in Squamish as the crow flies and we have been to that area to visit Sloquet Hot Springs (we are also looking at making it to nearby Snowcap Lake one day, something that’s been on the agenda for a couple of years). An exploratory adventure to see if Gold Creek Falls are as tall as is claimed might well take place in the near future.  

One further trip that we want to make we’re not going to list on here. The falls we’re thinking of are magnificent but so remote that only a very few photos of them exist and all of these are taken from the air.We’re not giving them away here since we’d like to be the first to take photos from the base of the falls (that we are aware of). Who knows, if the way in proves to be manageable we may even take clients in there.

Of course the search doesn’t end there. It’s quite possible, maybe even probable, that falls taller than the 2000’ claimed for Gold Creek exist somewhere in BC. I know of one claim of a 1000m (3280’) falls in the Kingcome Valley up the BC coast. We have a lot of suitable terrain and a whole lot of rainfall on the coast and who knows what might be out there in some remote valley in the Coast Mountains?